Indoor air pollution can trigger asthma and allergies and reduce the overall comfort levels inside your home. There are many options for air purification in your home. These Air Filters & Treatment Systems include media filter, electronic air cleaners, ultraviolet and "whole house" HEPA air treatment systems. Depending on the type of air purification system you choose, you can kill up to 99.9% of the bacterial and fungal particles passing through your systems.

What type of filter do you use currently for your heating and cooling system? If it’s the basic air filter that you get at your local hardware store, it may be doing a good job but it’s only capable of removing a small percentage of particles that pass through it. If you want to minimize the amount of particles that are circulating through your HVAC system, we can recommend several types of permanent air filters available in various efficiencies that can help you filter the air in your home. If you suffer from allergies, asthma, hay fever or other breathing difficulties, electronic air cleaners can help you.

We can also install whole-house humidifiers or dehumidifiers to bring the humidity to a comfortable level in your home, no matter what the temperature and humidity is like outdoors.

Check out the variety of indoor air quality products we offer and give us a call so we could schedule an in-home consultation to find the right system to meet your needs.