Common HVAC Problems

Are you having a problem with the comfort in your home or HVAC in general? We may have your answer below:

HVAC Common Problems

Other HVAC problems you might be experiencing:

  • Noisy heat pumps – Reversing valves of heat pumps cause this noise
  • Noisy air conditioner – The outside condenser can cause this noise
  • Dirty Sock Syndrome - HVAC Odors due to dirty air filters
  • Inconsistency in room temperature across the home – This can be prevented by adjusting the airflow to each room
  • Excessive steam coming out from outdoor units
  • Leaky air conditioners – This problem can happen due to evaporator or coil, get this inspected by an expert technician.
  • Dust and Dirt Problems at home
  • High consumption of electricity which cause in high raise in electric bills
  • Capacitor burns out frequently – By passing too high RMS current trough your capacitor can lead to this issue. Approach an expert technician to know how this problem can be resolved.
  • Thermostat gets turned off automatically / set incorrectly
  • Compressor is running hot frequently
  • Dirty Condenser coil
  • Broken Evaporator Coil

You can simply avoid these problems with the help of periodic maintenance of filters, coils, condensers, compressor, fins and thermostats. Our HVAC expert technicians can provide you the required solution whether it is replacement or repair depending upon the situation and make you feel reassured.

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